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1 M/S. Lambu Subu Food and Beverages

Hong Village, Po/Ps: Hapoli, Ziro-I Circle, Lower Subansiri district-791120, Arunachal Pradesh.

lambusubu123@gmail.com ORG/SC/1909/002710
Sr. No. Name of product
1 Other wine (Kiwi Wine)
2 Kolse Natural Sweetener Industries

At-Post-Kasbe Digraj, Dr. S. K. Nagar, Baganvat, Tal-Miraj, Dist-Sangli-416305

kolsenaturals@gmail.com ORG/SC/2012/003303


1)      Jaggery

2)      Liquid Jaggery

3)      Jaggery Powder

4)      Jaggery Cube


If you have any Query , simply call Us we are always there for you +91 - 20 - 25237677

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